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Create a Story Together

Sparc is a fantasy role playing game with combat, puzzles, and collaborative storytelling. In the spirit of dice-rolling table top role playing games and choose-your-own-adventure books, Sparc focuses on player choice and exploration. The goal of the game is to tell a story with your friends and go on adventures.

knight facing a dragon

Epic Stories to Tell

Quest through the rich fantasy world of Rathfall, or run adventures of your own using the Adventure Forge, and share your stories with your friends and the community.

playtesting sparc adventure at a table

Play with Friends

Collaborate with friends near and far in telling an epic story together. Single adventures can be played anywhere—start to finish—in under an hour.

heroic barbarian in tundra

Become a Hero

Personalize and level up your character with various combinations of special abilities. Be the hero of your story with choice-based gameplay.

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